Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Season Post 01 - The Event

Hi guys, this is the first official fall season post. This will contain spoilers, but as The Event aired almost a whole week ago, you should have had enough time to see it, considering it aired on NBC on monday and 9/8 C and is also on Hulu and iTunes.

What can I say, The Event was certainly a big Event! This is a high octane show that is well, incredible. The ending was one of the best endings on tv since the ending of the Flashforward pilot. When the plane is coming down on the Presidential Retreat and then is suddenly sucked into a flash of light, your left there thinking "Uh... what just happened?" Then as Sophia, (the woman in the clip), says,

"They saved us..."

The President looks to her with confusion,

"Who, who saved us?"

She looks to him with a slight smile on his face and answers,

"I haven't told you everything..."

Fade out! Wanna know what happens next? So do about 12 million other people, not to mention others around the world. We'll find out this monday... you can find the number one fan podcast about The Event (The Event Cast) at, check them out and continue to watch.

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