Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Update 08

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce a new project of the website! If you have any sci fi series or film or video game, that I haven't written about, and would love to see your own thoughts about it on here, email it to me!

Please, feel free to do so! I am a student who really doesn't have a whole lot of time on his hands and I would really like to keep this site going!

Any contributions appreciated!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Message to Stargate: Universe Fans & Haters

Okay so for the past one and a half years we've had this incredibly awesome show on the SyFy channel called, SGU, or for those who don't like acronyms Stargate Universe.

Okay so many people say "There are no like-able characters on this show" or "They're all just flawed people!" Because when you look at SG-1 and Atlantis there really were only 3 flawed characters:

Colonel O'Neill - Flawed because of the death of his son, and how he was going to commit suicide in the original movie.

Teal'C - Flawed because he participated in the genocides the enemies in SG-1 started.

Major Sheppard - Well, the only thing flawed about him was that he would do what ever he felt was right, even it went against orders.

So back to SGU, you guys think the are all flawed and bad people right? And you want all your perfect favorite characters back? Unfortunately that's not really how people tick, despite what we think, we're all I guess "flawed" in some way. We've all made mistakes and decisions we regret. On SGU, the characters are a great portrayal of how humanity really is, we make bit decisions in our lives that make a huge impact on our future.

Now that I'm done with the big thoughts, here what you should take away with from reading this, SGU portrays REAL people, with REAL flaws, and REAL problems. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, but the choice is up to us weather we will learn from our mistakes and become better because of that. This is what they are doing on SGU right NOW in the second season, I'm not going to spoil because you've got to go out there and watch it yourself.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 12 - Terminator 3 & 4

I was originally not a fan of any of the Terminator films and therefore had not seen either of them. But I when I was in the local Blockbuster store, I decided to try them out. I found that, to the chagrin of many Terminator fans, that "Rise of the Machines" and "Salvation" were my favorite.
Being someone who is a fan of the new modern, MTV fast camera filming, I found the first two enjoyable and fun, but not exactly re-watchable. That would probably be because of the fact that I was not around when the first one came out and wasn't awed by seeing Arnold performing surgery on his eye.

TERMINATOR RISE OF THE MACHINES was a incredible movie, visually and action wise. It seemed more original compared to the others, because, JUDGEMENT DAY FINALLY HAPPENED. It kept your interest through the entire film as a new terminator comes back in time from Skynet in order to, not kill John Connor (Nick Stahl) this time, but to kill off the other members of the future resistance so that the soldiers never band together. Only the terminator (depicted on the poster) is not alone. And someone else  was hot on her heals:

He's back...! Arnold Returns in this film to kick some ass and save the day one last time. Only time is running out,  little does John Connor know it, but even staying off the grid won't stop Judgement Day from happening. Because the military is still building Skynet, despite all their previous efforts in the first two movies, to thwart it's activation.

John Connor and the Terminator (Arnold), must work together and fight against the clock to save the future. Time is running out.

TERMINATOR SALVATION picks up about 10 years after the ending of Terminator Rise of the Machines. It takes a fresh look at the franchise from a new perspective: The bombs have fallen, the machines have risen, and the Resistance fights on.
This movie follows bad-ass John Connor (Christian Bale), who isn't the leader of the Resistance yet, but is climbing the ladder.
John Connor is the most determined soldier in the Resistance, even to the point where he was willing to nuke his position inside a Skynet base.
Obviously that didn't happen because he is supposed to survive.
Amazingly, there isn't a clear "bad guy" like in the other films. In this one it takes a look at the evolution of Skynet in Marcus (Sam Worthington), and explores the fact that our worse enemy is ourselves when we stop trusting each other.

Hopefully in the next couple years, Warner Bros will green light the next Terminator, and we can get Christian Bale back for more that one movie to break the "One actor per John Connor" rule that seems to be sticking.

Looking for a fun action filled night that ends with some though provoking questions of humanity and life? Go watch these movies. They work perfectly back to back and are worth re-watching occasionally.

I guess if I'm wrong about the first Terminators, feel free to comment your own thoughts. I'm not a tyrant and want feedback!