Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day - 09 30 Rock

“I’m Jack Daunaghy, the VP of development for NBC, GE Universal Kmart.”

“Oh we own Kmart now…?”

“No. So why are you two dressed like we do?”

            30 Rock is one of the best comedies on TV right now, starring Liz Lemon, (Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live), and Jack, (Alec Baldwin, The Hunt for the Red October) along with Tracy Jordon (Tracy Morgan, Death at a Funeral), it carries great humor, characters and an interesting story. Here is the trailer for 30 Rock:

You can find 30 Rock on Twitter at:

30 Rock is beginning its 5th Season this week on NBC. Seasons 1-3 on Netflix Instant streaming, and Seasons 1-4 are available on Amazon (Link to the left). Go watch the season premiering guest starring Matt Damon! 

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