Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 04 - Firefly


 Oh boy… Firefly! This show is probably one of the top 5 best Sci Fi/Action Adventure/Comedy/Drama series’ of all time. Starring Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion, Serenity, Castle, and Lost), Jayne (Adam Baldwin, Chuck, Stargate SG-1), Wash (Alan Tudyk, A Knight’s Tale, Serenity). The pilot seems like it opens in the typical FOX TV show opening, with the explosions, gunfire, and a huge battle going on in a closed off valley. As the camera moves through the battle, a figure runs towards the camera, and takes cover. It’s Nathan Fillion! He runs into a cavern base and meets up with several other soldiers and we find out that they are part of the “Independence” fighting the “Alliance”, after several explosions he teams up with another soldier (Gina Torres) and takes down one of the enemy fighters. After finding the rest of his team dead, he gets a transmission from their ship, and find out that their commanders are bugging out and leaving them behind… Reynolds then watches the alliance tear his allies apart.

The rest of the series takes place six years after the Battle of Serenity Valley, and we find out that Reynolds has set up a crew of salvagers and traders onboard a firefly-class transport vessel named Serenity, his own tribute to the one event that changed his life forever. The series is 15 episodes long, canceled unfortunately, no one knows why. But this series is a winner, a huge winner, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk with Adam Baldwin in the same series, is so incredible that totally baffles me how it could have gotten canceled.
You can find Firefly the complete series for very good prices on DVD and Blue Ray on Amazon, as well as the spin off movie Serenity, which is also on DVD and Blue Ray. Serenity is most likely available for rent at most rental places, and is also a must see. Go out, buy Firefly and Serenity, they make a great marathon run through and the series is simply amazing.

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