Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 04 - Fringe "Pilot"

Fringe, is incredible, there is no denying that. The show is currently starting its third season, with the most jaw dropping cliffhanger yet. Okay, so the Fringe pilot starts just as almost all of the JJ Abrams projects do, with the most creepy, disturbing opening possible a.k.a. (The first ten minutes of Star Trek 2009). It starts with a large 747 flying through a lightning storm, hitting some turbulence. A man then begins to have a panic attack, and tries to use his Eppy Pen, only to discover that his skin becomes translucent and falls off. Then, as the rest of the crew and passengers freak out, they suffer the same fate. Um, wow JJ, you out did you with this one, crazy, crazy opening teaser. Then of course, we then hear the signature Fringe theme:

Okay, so from this point on out, I won’t have any details about the plot, but this pilot is amazing. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci along with JJ Abrams wrote themselves out of the universe, considering after that opening, you just can’t turn the episode off. This episode features FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, (Anna Torv), FBI Agent John Scott, (Mark Valley, Human Target), with Peter Bishop, (Joshua Jackson) and Doctor Walter Bishop, (John Noble, The Lord of the Rings). This is a must see 4/5 Stars.

You can find Fringe Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and Blue Ray on Amazon, (Link on the sidebar), or you can download the pilot episode for free, (Limited time offer), at iTunes. Go out there, get Fringe, get caught up, and catch the Season 3 premiere on September 23rd on FOX and WB 13!

            John Noble will be appearing at Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle on March 6th & 7th. I will be there, and giving a report on how it went, along with the other guest there, Jasika Nichole, FBI Agent Farnsworth. William Shatner will also be there… only on Saturday, the one day I can’t go! 

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