Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 07 - Flashforward - The Complete Series

At ComiCon 2008 in San Diego, a trailer was shown, one that appeared to be the beginning of the next great show that would revolutionized television. Here is that trailer

Huh, pretty darn amazing right? Well guess what... ABC didn't renew it for a second season after only 22 episodes. However, despite that, it's a great series, with an amazing premise, and an incredible story with interesting characters and breathtaking visuals.

"No More Good Days" takes place on October 6th, 2009.

The pilot "No more good days" starts out  FBI Agent Mark Benford,(Joseph Fiennes, The Red Baron), waking up in the middle of a car wreck, and climbing out to find the entire overpass in complete chaos, peolple bleeding out on the street, cars overturned, and bodies everywhere. He stumbles around trying to find his partner Demitri Noh, (John Cho, Star Trek 2009). Then, it jumps back to just several hours earlier, where Mark Benford and Demitri are running an operation on watching a known group of terrorists, they are made and a car chase ensues, and as they follow the SUV turns onto an over pass, everyone blacks out.

Mark finds himself back in his office as the FBI, he tosses a file across the room, and takes a drink from a flask, (which is strange since he is in AA and has been sober for 7 years), he looks down at a date card and sees the date: April 29th, 2010, he writes "Who else knows?" on the paper and then suddenly wakes up in the car wreck. After stubling around, he finds Demitri and the two look out over LA, and see that the devastation is everywhere. Benford finds a news stand and finds out that everyone on the planet seem to have blacked out at the same time for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. And in those two mintues and seventeen seconds, they all jumped 6 months into their own future, to April 29th 2010.

Want to find out what happens next? You can find Flashforward in HD and Sid-Res on iTunes or on Amazon to buy the DVD's at the link on the right. This is a must see series! Very, very, good!

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