Friday, May 20, 2011

Upcoming Sci-fi/Fantasy Shows, Part 1

Last week, the major networks made their announcements of their next year’s lineup. There were some good shows, like No Ordinary Family, that unfortunately didn’t make the cut to come back for another season. But the good news is that for all the shows that were cancelled, there are some good new shows coming next television season. Here are a few of them.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is the story of a family that flees a future where the Earth is overdeveloped and overcrowded to the prehistoric past. They’re part of a mission to save the human race…by starting over in the past. But of course, this isn’t going to be easy. Danger await them in many forms, including dinosaurs! Terra Nova is going to air on Fox. Also from the looks of the trailer, it seems like it could be a little like LOST at points. But here’s hoping that it turns out to be different. Here’s the longest trailer released to date:


The story behind Touch is a little hard to describe. It is a preternatural drama with the hopeful premise that we’re all interconnected. It follows the stories of several different and unrelated characters that seem to affect each other in ways seen and unseen. And in the center of it all is a single father named Martin Bohm and his severely autistic 10-year-old-son, Jake. Touch will follow as Martin attempts to communicate with his son, realizing some very important things along the way. There’s no trailer yet, but as soon as one is released, it will be added.

Once Upon A Time

Also hard to describe, I will take the following description directly from ABC.

Emma Swan knows how to take care of herself. She's a 28-year-old bail bonds collector who's been on her own ever since she was abandoned as a baby. But when the son she gave up years ago finds her, everything starts to change. Henry is now 10 years old and in desperate need of Emma's help. He believes that Emma actually comes from an alternate world and is Snow White and Prince Charming's missing daughter. According to his book of fairytales, they sent her away to protect her from the Evil Queen's curse, which trapped the fairytale world forever, frozen in time, and brought them into our modern world. Of course Emma doesn't believe a word, but when she brings Henry back to Storybrooke, she finds herself drawn to this unusual boy and his strange New England town. Concerned for Henry, she decides to stay for a while, but she soon suspects that Storybrooke is more than it seems. It's a place where magic has been forgotten, but is still powerfully close... where fairytale characters are alive, even though they don't remember who they once were. The epic battle for the future of all worlds is beginning, but for good to win, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell.

Seems like a pretty interesting idea. Oh, and did I mention that Robert Carlyle, who played Nicholas Rush from Stargate Universe will be staring as well. If the idea alone isn’t enough reason to watch, the amazing acting of Robert Carlyle should push it over the hump. Here’s the ABC released trailer and a scene from the show as well.

There are several more new Science Fiction and Fantasy shows that were picked up for next television season. Look for those in the next post later on today. Till next time, stay classy!

Series Overview–Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

569px-Terminator_TSCC_LogoTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is an American-made science fiction TV series based on the Terminator movie series and is the direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It premiered in January of 2008 and ran for two seasons, until April, 2009. It’s based on the Terminator movie series and follows the lives of Sarah and John Connor after the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Like Terminator 2, the main premise of the show is a reprogrammed Terminator who has been sent back to protect John Connor. But while that is the main idea, it is not the sole story arc of the show.

Warning – Between the “=====” markers, there is a brief backstory on the show. It contains slight spoilers about the pilot. Don't read if you haven't watched and prefer to go in to the show without any information.


The_Sarah_Connor_Chronicles_posterFollowing Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Skynet sends another Terminator, a T-888, back to 1999 in another attempt to eliminate John Connor. It's revealed that destroying the T-1000 and T-800 in T2 didn't stop Judgment Day, just delayed it. It is also revealed that Sarah also dies from cancer in the time before Judgment Day. The Resistance reprogram another Terminator, known as Cameron (Summer Glau), and send her back to protect him. To protect him and his mother, she jumps them forward to 2007, skipping the year when Sarah was supposed to die of cancer. However, the threat of attack from the future is a constant threat, meaning they have to be constantly vigilant.

As they are on the run, they are also trying to prevent Skynet from being built. During the course of the show, Sarah, John, and Cameron under take several missions to find the first starting point of Skynet and prevent it from being built and to stop Judgment Day.


A little more background on the show: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles only ran for 2 seasons. The first season slated to be 13 episodes but was cut to 9 because of 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike. When it returned for season 2, it was also originally slated for 13 episodes, but Fox upped the order to a full season of 22 after the first few episodes ran. It was unfortunately cancelled after its second season.

If you looking for a pretty good science fiction show to start watching, give Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles a try. It will be worth your while.

New Stargate Fan Video: Blow Me Away

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the writers here at Flights of Fantasy love Stargate just a little bit (hard to believe, right? :-D) Well, I log onto YouTube today, and see there on the homepage a brand-new Stargate fan music video. Made by JaapVSWDelta, who has made a few other videos as well (I’ll post a few of these as well), he’s taken scenes from all three Stargate series’ and combined them into one amazing video set to Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure!

And as promised, a few addition videos from JaapVSWDelta!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stargate Universe-Episode 220 “Gauntlet” (Quick Review)


This is a bittersweet review. May 9th, at 9 PM EDT, Stargate Universe officially ended its television run with the showing of the series finale, “Gauntlet”. It definitely will bring up some mixed emotions, and I will explain why in a minute.

As shown in the trailer, the main premise of this episode is the fact that the drones have learned about Destiny and how it operates. So, knowing that they need the Stargates to survive, the drones have posted command ships at every Stargate in Destiny’s path, at least until the edge of her sensor range. The crew has only one option, and it’s a long shot. The question is, are they willing to take it?

For ending on an incomplete note, I have to say, the writers did a great job. I will give one tidbit of information that is not a spoiler in any way, shape or form. If you were worrying that the ending would be a cliffhanger of the magnitude of last season, you can stop. While it is a cliffhanger of sorts, it actually is a decent stopping point for the series, easily allowing possible continuation later. Overall, it was a great episode to end a great series.

A lot of the character development we’ve seen throughout the season is coming to a head in this episode. I won’t reveal too much, but there are a lot of minor character storylines that I wish could be resolved. It leaves kind of a sour taste in my mouth, knowing that the show now has so much potential and will never have the ability to play that potential out to its fullest. But, it’s like they say, “The good die young.” So it seems it is with SGU, because this was a good show. No, this was a great show that grew into the show it was always meant to be, just as it was given the axe.

So if you missed it, buy it and watch it. If you’re in the UK or Australia, watch it when it airs, you’re in for a treat. And if you can’t afford to buy the episode, watch it online in a legal fashion. Lastly, if you’re on Twitter, make sure to tweet your thanks to the cast and crew for this amazing show. Till next time, readers.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stargate Universe-Episode 219 “Blockade” (Quick Review)


In Blockade, the drones are continuing to present problems for the crew of Destiny, having discovered Destiny’s one huge weakness. This is another episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire time, especially once stuff starts getting majorly intense. There are a few characters you’ll be worrying about during the episode, which keeps it interesting.

This episode begins with Destiny performing an aero-braking maneuver around a gas giant to reach the sun, similar to the episode “Darkness” from Season 1. She comes around the planet, and the bridge crew immediately detects drones and a command ship between them and the star. Destiny manages to jump away before any major damage is inflicted. They come to find out the drones are predicting Destiny’s course, and they must quickly find a way to recharge, before the ship’s batteries run dry.

There were several really good character development points in this episode. Eli is finally coming into his role as “Math Boy” in this episode, and there is also some interesting development with Volker’s confidence as well. He could possibly be realizing his critical flaw, and might eventually begin to change it.

If you happened to miss “Blockade”, you can watch it on SyFyDaedalus’s YouTube Channel. It’s in three parts, but is great quality. If you want to wait for Hulu or SyFy Rewind, the episode won’t be available until 5/10.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stargate Universe-Episode 218 “Epilogue” (Quick Review)


"Epilogue" was the second half of the last episode, "Common Descent". It's not a fast-passed episode, but it is an emotionally draining one. From happy to sad, it covers all the emotions. I will say this, if you cry easily, be prepared to cry for this one, because there are a few major kickers that no one has seen coming at all.

The basic story of the episode starts after the team disembarks from the shuttle. They head down into a bunker that was built by the people of Novis. Inside, they find a massive archive containing the entire history of the planet from the time that the alternate crew of Destiny had come through the gate inside the star. Throughout the episode, they are racing to download the database before extreme seismic activity brings the entire place down around them.

There were a few really good performances in this episode. First, Volker is really coming into his own at this point. There's one scene in particular where he stands up to Rush, a huge step for him. Also, there's Eli, who is continuing to get more and more confident in himself. The information that they find in the database gives him a huge confidence boost, making me think that he will play an even bigger role in a lot of scientific problem-solving later. Last, but definitely not least were TJ and Young. It seems that they have a shot at working everything out after all.

If you haven't watched "Epilogue" yet, find it on Hulu or SyFy Rewind, or download it ASAP. It was a great episode and if you are a Stargate Universe fan, you should definitely watch it.

[NOTE] Look for the full review of this episode coming in the next week, after the UK has had a chance to see the episode. Don't want to right my summary review and spoil it for all those fans. Peace out!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stargate SG-1 Episode 103 "Enemy Within"

(This does contain spoilers, but considering it aired 15 years ago you should have had time...)

The weeks following SG-1's intense adventure keep the SGC busy as wave after wave of their new found enemy attempt to penetrate the Stargate's shield. Little does the team know, but someone has already gotten through.

Personally I liked Enemy Withing, I thought that for beginning Stargate is was a good episode showing how the Gou'ld can infiltrate almost anywhere, no matter how many weapns you point at the Stargate, and also gave more light to how when it is required, Teal'c will do anything necissary to protect the one people who actually showed him trust and support. This reappears several more times throughout the series.

It was a little annoying that the infiltrator turned out to be Kawalski but only because he (Other than Daniel and Jack) was the last Alumni character from the original movie.

All in all, this episode is just another reason why Stargate SG-1 is a really great piece of work, from the writers room, to the actors. When it comes to O'Neill's humor or the serious but caring Teal'c everyone keeps the fun going and suspsense up.

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Blog Update 10

Hey everyone!

Sorry there's been no activity here for a while, I've been sick, and have some family issues going on... hopefully be back soon!

This weekend head over to to check out a new podcast audio drama that I'm doing that should be launching late this summer!

I'll also be buying the domain name... should be fun. And to quote a famous time traveller,


Monday, March 7, 2011

TV Return Week: What to See (Top 4)

NOTE: This is not in order of how good they are, they are all worth seeing.
  1. STARGATE UNIVERSE: Returns This Monday at 10/9 C on SyFy. This is the final ten episodes of the entire series unfortunately (Thank you SyFy for that lovely Spring gift...), and from some of the reviews that have already popped up online it will be an intense adrenaline ride with reveal after reveal, with an even more engaging story than the last season. And then.... when episode ten hits: A BIG GIANT CLIFF HANGER!
  2. FRINGE: This Friday 9/8 C on FOX. Fringe has been getting more and more intense and incredibly awesome, I was at Emerald City ComiCon and John Noble did mention that there is a showdown coming between the opposite universes, and it's VERY SOON. So watch Fringe to see how our world fares against itself.
  3. THE EVENT: This Monday on 8/7 C on NBC. You've been spending the past while wondering what exactly THE EVENT is, and now: IT'S HERE. As shown on a recently (And super creepy) promo for The Event, it Targeted 7 Billion people, and the plan has been put into motion.... Who Will Survive? Spoiler! Wash dies, what a second wrong show. Anyway, all of the cast is back to bring us the rest of this awesome show! Check it out to get a Season 2!
  4. KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: This Friday at 8/7 C on FOX. Yeah it's not sci fi, but hey Gordon Ramsay is an incredible chef, so check his series out! He goes around the country and attempts to fix hundreds of failing restaurants.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stargate Universe - Episode 102 “Air (Part 2)”

Jump to:
Air, Pt. 2 - Stargate Universe, Season 1
Episode Synopsis (From GateWorld):
Stranded on the Ancient vessel Destiny, the evacuees from Icarus Base discover that a worn-out life-support system and hull breaches will suffocate them in a matter of hours.
Episode Summary:
Scott enters the Gate Room and tells everyone they’re going to go and search the ship. normal_sgu_102_0027Scott takes Lt. James with him, trying to play off the fact that they were having a “relationship” on Icarus Base. Before they leave, Scott asks the Senator to stay back and try to keep everyone calm. The teams leave, and Rush leaves right after, grabbing a bag and taking it with him. T.J. watches him leave, suspicious. normal_sgu_102_0072normal_sgu_102_0074
Rush goes to a private room and closes the door behind him. He take out the device that Col. Young made sure to grab while leaving the base. He places a stone on the pad, and switches bodies with a person on duty back on Earth. normal_sgu_102_0116Back on the ship, the teams are looking around for any threats or anomalies. Scott’s team encounters a door that seems to be locked. When Eli opens it for them, the see a giant greenhouse-type dome with a hole in it. normal_sgu_102_0200The ship’s shield prevents explosive decompression, but the atmosphere begins to rush out. Eli closes the door quickly, and they decide not to try opening locked doors again. Dr. Rush walks into the control room suddenly and asks everyone to meet him in the Gate Room. He explains that the case he had taken contains Ancient communication stones, which will allow them to communicate with Earth. normal_sgu_102_0232He also says that General O’Neill has put him in command, which no one accepts. Rush tries to establish control, but when the civilians begin to rebel, Scott takes command, telling the military personnel that Col. Young put him in charge, and asks everyone to head to the quarters that had been found.normal_sgu_102_0338
A little while later, a group of civilian and military personnel are going through the supplies that were brought from Earth. Everyone is bantering back and forth, when Greer notices that the representative from the IOA is staring at him. normal_sgu_102_0392normal_sgu_102_0388When she mentions that he was locked up before they left Icarus, he goes off on her, and Riley has to restrain him. He gets called to check for any compartments open to space that need to be closed, and we see a Sergeant grab some protein bars and stuff them in his pocket.
Rush is directing Scott to an elevator. Scott steps inside, turns around, and sees something floating down the corridor. normal_sgu_102_0418Following, he runs into Eli, and finds out that the ball is actually a floating camera manufactured by the ship. Eli calls it a “Kino”. normal_sgu_102_0460normal_sgu_102_0474Meanwhile, Col. Young finally wakes up, but he’s not in the best condition. He can’t move his legs.  T.J. hopes it’s just temporary, but they have no way to know for sure without a little time.normal_sgu_102_0429
Young sends T.J. to get Rush. Back in the control room, Scott and Eli are explaining the Kinos that Eli has found to Rush. He tells them that things are worse than they thought. He sends Scott and Eli to the Gate Room to check on the CO2 Heading to the Gate Room, they open up the scrubber and see it’s full of black goop. normal_sgu_102_0596The scrubbers are shot, and CO2 is going to build up in the ship to lethal levels. They throw around some ideas on how to replace the scrubbing compound, but they don’t have anything to replace it.  normal_sgu_102_0692
Meanwhile, teams are still searching for breached sections that are not sealed. Greer’s team comes across a shuttle. The front windows are breached, and the outer airlock door mechanism is damaged, preventing it from closing. normal_sgu_102_0766Rush tries to close the inner shuttle door, but it must be closed from the inside, meaning whoever closes it will die. T.J. explains the situation to Young, at the same time that Chloe explains it to her dad. Unless they get the door closed, they have just over an hour till they run out of air. Rush finally states the obvious, someone will have to sacrifice themselves to shut the door. normal_sgu_102_0852Knowing that they probably won’t get any volunteers, Rush goes over the list of people on the ship. Scott and Chloe both say that you can’t ask someone to go and die, and Rush counters with the fact that unless someone does close the door, everyone is going to die.normal_sgu_102_0917
Everyone is throwing around options when Col. Young says that he will close the door. While they try to convince him not to, Chloe bursts in the room asking if anyone has seen her father. normal_sgu_102_0984It turns out Chloe told him what’s going on. Scott calls to Greer, warning him that the Senator may be on the way. He’s already there, and he has a gun. When Franklin can’t close the door from the outside, Senator Armstrong enters the shuttle and closes the door.normal_sgu_102_1034normal_sgu_102_1049
Chloe reaches the door just as it closes, and has to watch her father die. She runs back to the control room. Torn up about the death of her father, she attacks Rush, blaming him. normal_sgu_102_1111Rush is apologetic, saying that her father has given the rest of them the chance to survive.
Young asks the IOA representative, Camille, to inform the people that Senator Armstrong is dead, but gave them time to hopefully find a solution. At the same time, Scott talks to Chloe, comforting her about her father’s death. normal_sgu_102_1250Eli is also grieving, and Rush shares some information with him to help him. Rush has discovered that they name of the ship they are on is called Destiny.normal_sgu_102_1304 The Ancients has launched it thousands of years ago, planning to board it using the Stargate. However, they ascended before they did, leaving the ship to fly on unmanned.
A little while later, SSgt Riley finds an 8-symbol address in the dialing computer, along with a reference to Earth. Even though they don’t have a point of origin, he says that they only have 36 possible symbols to try and Young gives him the go-ahead to dial. normal_sgu_102_1357An alarm sounds, alerting Rush to the dialing. He hurries to stop them, telling them that the ship “simply doesn’t have the capability to dial Earth.” normal_sgu_102_1404In the middle of his explanation, Destiny drops out of FTL. Rush believes that he has managed to tell the ship their problem, and that the gate should begin dialing to a planet with the resources they need.
The gate does begin dialing and when the wormhole establishes, they send a Kino through to see what’s on the other side. normal_sgu_102_1488When they find out the planet is habitable, Young decides to send a team through to look for anything that can be used to scrub CO2. They also notice that there is a countdown running, with just over 12 hours till it runs out. Rush believes at that time, the ship will jump back into FTL, leaving whoever is on the planet behind. normal_sgu_102_1521Rush and Young choose Franklin, Palmer, a Marine escort, and Eli also volunteers to go. They all gear up, and head through the gate. Rush stops at the event horizon and looks back at Young one last time. normal_sgu_102_1632Young nods to him, and Rush steps through the gate.normal_sgu_102_1633normal_sgu_102_1635
Episode Review:
The second part of “Air” is where the character’s different idiosyncrasies really start to come out. For instance, we see that Rush is a naturally, controlling and manipulative person, and that Lt. Scott, while an officer, is still slightly new to being fully in command, and is just learning his command style. It’s abundantly clear that this iteration of Stargate is going to be more character-based than the previous two series were.

The acting is also starting to get better from the first episode, though, as in any new show, there are a few strangely delivered lines as actors find their character. For instance, when Lt. Scott is addressing a young Airman, the Airman says, “I work in the mess. Well, I did.” In my opinion, the line was well written, but he delivered the second part of it just a little to fast, so it didn’t quite sound right. But overall, the acting was great, and can only get better as the cast get to know each other better.

All in all, this was a great premiere episode for SGU. The right amount of action, character development and suspense to get you hooked and make you want to come back for more next week. The one stipulation is that you have to suspend your thoughts of what Stargate should be and just watch the show with a fresh mind. The fans that watched it expecting it to be exactly like SG-1 and Atlantis were disappointed because they were expecting the same standard fare. The writers mixed it up this time, and I think they did a great job. Kudos to the writers, and here’s to the start of a great series!

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Stargate Universe–Episode 101 “Air (Part 1)”

Jump to:
Air, Pt. 1 - Stargate Universe, Season 1
Episode Synopsis (From GateWorld):
When a research team is forced to evacuate their secret base, they find themselves on board a derelict Ancient vessel that is many galaxies away from Earth.

Episode Summary:
A single ship comes out of FTL, drifting in the vastness of space. The camera pans over it, giving us a view of a ship.
normal_sgu_101_0023It zooms into the corridors of the ships, where we see the lights coming on, and we get a view of the Stargate dialing. The signature kawoosh signals a successful connection, and someone flies out of the gate at high speed.
normal_sgu_101_0080He looks around for a second, trying to get his bearings, and suddenly a box and a woman come flying out of the event horizon. Within seconds, people are flying out of the gate, and Lt. Scott tries to get the to the side. He calls for them to slow down the evacuation, but gets no response.
Dr. Rush comes through the gate, and picks himself off the deck, slightly disoriented. He heads over to a console, looking it over for a second. normal_sgu_101_0170Eli Wallace hits the deck and picks himself up, shaken up by the trip. He turns around and gets hit by a box. normal_sgu_101_0176Meanwhile, Rush tries to activate the console but gets no response. Lt. Scott sees MSgt Greer come through and asks where Col. Young is. normal_sgu_101_0260Greer says Young was right behind him, just as Col. Young is launched from the event horizon.normal_sgu_101_0264
When the gate shuts down, the lights go out and the civilians panic. Using a flashlight, they find Col. Young. Right before he passes out, the tells Scott he’s in charge. normal_sgu_101_0301Scott calls for Lt. Tamara Johansen, the medic, when he realized how badly Young is hurt. Scott first questions Eli on their location, then heads to find Rush when he realizes Eli doesn’t know. normal_sgu_101_0335While they’re talking, a weird spectrum shift occurs and the engines power up.normal_sgu_101_0339
While they wonder what the shift was, Eli has a flashback to a few days before. He’s playing an online game, called Prometheus, trying to destroy an orbiting ship. normal_sgu_101_0367He enters the equation to channel the correct amount of power from the planet core into the weapon…and the game kicks him to the beginning of the level. Disheartened, he logs off for the night. normal_sgu_101_0404The next morning, there’s a knock at his door. He opens it to find General O’Neill standing in front of him. normal_sgu_101_0415Dr. Rush walks up and explains that he has solved a millennia old math problem in another language. They present him with a non-disclosure agreement and want him to come with them.normal_sgu_101_0469 Not wanting to sign the form, he “takes it under advisement”, and walks inside. As he goes up the stairs, there is a white flash, and then he’s standing in an observation lounge overlooking Earth. normal_sgu_101_0500normal_sgu_101_0502normal_sgu_101_0510Rush walks up behind and welcomes him aboard the Hammond. He’s told that he’s going to be going to another planet. As part of his agreement, his mother’s sickness will be taken care of. Eli agrees to sign, but in typical Eli fashion, makes a joke, asking for some pants as well.normal_sgu_101_0583 Later, after a lot of training videos, he heads to the mess to get some food. He sees a girl sitting alone, and decides to sit and talk to her. He finds out that her name is Chloe, and she is the aide to Senator Armstrong.normal_sgu_101_0678 But it seems that she knows a lot about him before he even says anything.
The flashback ends, and Scott and Eli find the Observation Deck, with Rush staring out into space. Rush comments on the fact that the ship is traveling faster-than-light (FTL), but not through hyperspace. normal_sgu_101_0742He also comments on the fact that the ship is definitely of Ancient design, most likely launched hundreds of thousands of years before. While they’re speaking, on the air-vents in the Gate Room shuts down. Rush realizes the life support is shutting down, commenting they might want to fix that.
They flashback to Icarus Base, where the Hammond has just come out of hyperspace. They beam down to the planet, where Eli is thoroughly stunned.normal_sgu_101_0913 The Senator introduces himself to Col. Young, and also introduced Chloe, who it turns out is his daughter.normal_sgu_101_1014 Inside the base, Eli looks at the Stargate with awe. normal_sgu_101_1046After a little talking, they do a test dial, wanting to make a connection and send a probe through. They lock the first 8 chevrons, but even with the power equation, they can’t lock the last chevron. normal_sgu_101_1151After almost overloading the system, they shut it down. A frustrated Rush leaves, saying that they need to run through Eli’s equations again. Eli is annoyed that Rush is passing the blame for the failure to him. Before Eli follow’s Rush, he turns to the group saying “Not my fault…”normal_sgu_101_1223
Back on the ship, the civilians are getting restless. Lt. Scott comes in and explains where they are. normal_sgu_101_1251Senator Armstrong demands that they us the gate and dial back to Earth right then. He seems to have trouble breathing, and Scott tells everyone that it might be because the life support system is having problems. normal_sgu_101_1269Finding Dr. Brody and Dr. Park, he takes them to help Dr. Rush with the life support.
On Icarus, Rush is trying to figure out why the address won’t connect. normal_sgu_101_1296Eli suggests that it might be the wrong address, which Rush rejects. Young comes and pulls Eli away for dinner, leaving Rush annoyed. normal_sgu_101_1328During dinner, the base gets attacked. The soldiers of the base move to defend it. The flashback ends, showing a group of soldiers running through the corridors, ending up in the control room.normal_sgu_101_1457
Rush is about to reset the life support system, but Eli says that it might overload the system, blowing up the ship. Greer raises his weapon, threatening to shoot him if he presses the button to reset it. normal_sgu_101_1492Another flashback starts, showing Greer being released from confinement on Icarus Base. It turns out that the Lucian Alliance that is attacking, and they’re going to overwhelm the base. On the ship, Rush says that he is going to press the button. Scott orders Greer to lower his weapon. After a moment, he complies, and Rush resets the system. Nothing happens.normal_sgu_101_1555
The base defense begins, but the Death Gliders are doing some serious damage to the base. The weapons fire is causing the core to start overloading. Rush wants to attempt one last dialing of the nine-chevron address. Eli convinces him that it can’t be the power, it has to be the gate address, like a code. normal_sgu_101_1657Cancelling the dialing to Earth, Rush begins dialing the nine-chevron address. This time the last chevron locks, establishing a wormhole. normal_sgu_101_1845Rush justifies it to Young, saying that any blast could translate through an open wormhole. On the ship, Rush is messing with the computer and pulls up a star map. They find out that the ship has been traveling for centuries, visiting dozens of galaxies. They’re millions of light years from home.normal_sgu_101_1929
Young orders Scott to lead the evacuation team. Once in the Gate Room, Scott tells them to follow him on a three-count, then heads through the gate. normal_sgu_101_1995Everyone beings evacuating behind him, not knowing the destination. Back in the hall, Young attempts to blow a hole through a collapsed hall, and succeeds. Pulling out Senator Armstrong, they head for the gate. Young orders Greer to take the Senator through, and starts looking through cases for something. normal_sgu_101_2124Finding it, the runs toward the gate as the room explodes around him. The explosion picks him up and hurls him through the gate, and the planet explodes as the core goes critical. normal_sgu_101_2136normal_sgu_101_2154
Back on Earth, Col. Carter calls to General O’Neill telling that they managed to get most of the people on the surface off before the planet blew. She asks how many people made it though the gate to Earth. When O’Neill says that no one came through to Earth, they both wonder where they all went.

Episode Review:
From the very beginning of the episode, it’s clear that Stargate Universe is not at all like SG-1 or Atlantis. Right from the start, it’s a lot more story-based than its predecessors. But even with its differences, it still has the Stargate feel. Overall, Air (Part 1) is a great episode. There’s pretty solid acting, an interesting story, and a nice hook that makes you want to keep watching. Best of all, it has a good hook for getting new watchers into the franchise, which is always a great thing. As long as the writers can keep up the story, SGU will turn out to be a great series.

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