Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 05 - The Leviathan Chronicles

Imagine a world… that contains immortals that have lived for hundreds and hundreds of years, and they’re planning something, something big. And it’s going down soon, very soon. Only, the BlackDoor group, a branch of the CIA, has discovered what they are doing, and has decided that they are a threat to the human race that needs to be taken out. Pretty darn crazy right? That is the premise of The Leviathan Chronicles, a full cast audio drama created and written by Christof Laputka. This independent media project is one of the most ambitious in the past two years, and it’s growing. They just finished their first season, which is 25 episodes long and chock full of incredible writing, acting, and production work. Here is the trailer for The Leviathan Chronicles that was also featured at New York ComiCon.

You can find the creator of The Leviathan Chronicles Christof Laputka on twitter at:
Leviathan’s first season is available at their website at:
Or on iTunes at:

Their first season is completed with season two in production and will most likely be coming out at the beginning of 2011. Leviathan is also the first podcast to begin to release several side episodes that will be charged at $1:99 and are about 2 hours long. This is a very innovative idea so, please, get caught up on Leviathan season 1, and help support independent media by purchasing the special edition episodes. Also, Leviathan has a Zazzle store with shirts and other merchandise. Listen to this amazing podcast, a must listen, support them, and we will be returning to Leviathan with a special guest, fairly soon. So to coin a well used, but changed, phrase, we’ll be back…

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