Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 02 - Stargate Universe Incursion

Alright, now I know that I said that we won’t be super spoiler centric, but, the season finale of SGU is just too amazing to pass up. So, if you haven’t seen the season finale of SGU, don’t read this post, scroll down, buy the SGU complete season DVD or Blue Ray, and get caught up! IT’S WORTH IT!


So, Incursion picks up right after the previous espionage centered episode, Subversion. In Incursion, Young revives Colonel Telford, who had died in the previous episode, (Which takes place literally seconds earlier), and Telford reveals in gasps that the Lucian Alliance, and old enemy of Earth’s is coming to take the Destiny for themselves. Meanwhile, as showed in Subversion, Rush had been kidnapped by the Alliance, and taken to a planet similar to the planet that Icarus Base had been on in the pilot (See the Day 01 Review). The Alliance forces him to write new coding for their Stargate in order to dial the 9th chevron address in order to get to the Destiny. Wow, chills running down my spin… some very, very good writing and acting in this 2-parter episode.

Colonel Young uses the communications stone to contact General O’Neil on Earth at the Pentagon, and warns him about what is going on. O’Neil then puts a strike force together and dispatches the battle cruiser General Hammond to stop the Alliance from dialing Destiny. The Hammond reaches the planet and launches it’s fighters as the Alliance realizes what is going on and dials the Stargate before the fighters can reach the base. The Alliance then sends several groups of soldiers through the gate to the Destiny before the planet’s core goes critical and the planet is consumed in itself.

Onboard the Destiny, we find that the crew is prepared, they emptied the gate room, set cameras up, and sealed the doors. Young’s plan is to remove the air the moment the Alliance comes through. After the soldiers come through, they realize that they can’t carry the plan out when Young see’s Telford/Rush coming through the Stargate, then suddenly, two soldiers are thrown out of the gate and the shuttering shutdown, similar to the explosive beginning to the pilot (See Day 01 post). The Alliance soldiers discover that Rush is now switched back to Telford, and nearly kill him before he can convince them that he is back. The Alliance commander executes a plan to open the doors, and the assault begins.

Are you still on the edge of your seat? I still am, this episode is crazy intense, with very good music from Joel Goldsmith, and very good acting from everyone. Moving on, as the fight continues, Eli and Chloe are on the run through the fight before they reach an elevator, not before Chloe gets shot. As the fight continues, Riley also gets shot, now the question is raised, WHO IS GOING TO SURVIVE? Don’t worry, they cliffhanger you and leave every single main character in danger.

The two factions are now at a stalemate, and Young must figure out how to retake the ship and save everyone’s lives. As Young attempts to stall the Alliance commander, Keva, she becomes angry and shoots one of the Marines out of spite. Throughout the fight, the power on the ship continues to fluctuate every 40 minutes, one of the Doctors figures out that the ship is actually being bombarded with a strange and deadly form of radiation, and the shields are failing. Young devises a plan where the Alliance will allow Scott and Greer to head to the FTL drive control on the hull of the ship, and repair it before their time runs out. Rush also devises a side plan where he and two other Doctors will move to another portion of the ship, give the Alliance command, but still control what they can do. Meanwhile, Eli and Chloe are stuck at the very front of the ship, when they get a message from Rush, and Eli must choose between staying with Chloe, or saving Scott and Greer.

Once they instigate the plan, Telford heads to the gate room and starts the program that will return control of the ship to Rush, but is confronted by Keva, the both draw their weapons and fire. Is it the end? Nope, there’s more! Now we really don’t know… who will survive? AMAZING! Not that many shows can do this well, and SGU has done it.
With time running out to the next burst of radiation, the Alliance discovers Keva and Telford shot in the gate room and believes that Young was the one who instigated this. While Scott and Greer reach the place to re-enter the ship, a soldier from the Alliance takes over and orders the military soldiers to be round up and shot, along with the civilians. Rush sends Eli a message to Eli and Scott and Greer, telling them about another entrance to the ship near Eli. Now, it’s really intense, as Scott and Greer are on the run, the civilians are round up, and a beaten and battered Young joins a group of soldiers in front of a firing squad. Then, one of the Doctors says the infamous line, “They’re not going to make it.” Then, the music stars, Oh my god! That music is incredible. MUSIC:

Now is the final question of who will survive as the camera follows Eli running through a hall, headed to the airlock, as Scott and Greer are also on the run, trying to get back in the ship before the next burst of radiation hits. The camera slowly comes up at Colonel Young as the firing squad motions for the soldiers to get down, then, he looks up, and the lights flicker and die.

This episode is incredibly amazing, the most jaw dropping cliffhanger in the entire Stargate franchise. Very good acting on all the actors parts, very good! This episode should win an Emmy, and I’m serious. Who will survive?


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