Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 03 - QED Podcast

For the first time, we're moving into reviewing a podcast. Washed up from the last remnants of the once great hurricane that was Flashforward (Review pending), David Vox Mullen (The Man of Many talents), Eric Olsen (A writer and musician). We the fans of their podcast "Flashforcast" contacted them telling them that we didn't want to go, so they decided to come up with a new podcast, one that wouldn't be in danger of being canceled. So, in the light of LOST and Flashforward being shows that contained very deep subjects, they teamed up with Quinton Peeples from Flashforward and came up with Q.E.D. a podcast that would delve into the unknown, the known, and the theological. Oh and the metaphysical, here is the trailer for QED:

Q: Quinton Peeples
D: David Vox Mullen

QED is a great podcast, that as much as possible looks at the different viewpoints on every subject, and even bring in a specialist on the subject. So far they have covered, "Fate Debate", "OCD", "Psychics", "Aliens", "Time Travel", and "Magic". QED is rated as a must see podcast by it's listeners on iTunes considering it currently has a 5 Star rating.

This is a must listen podcast! Give it a chance and listen to the first episode, it can be found on iTunes:

Or at their awesome website:

QED is highly recommended. All three of them have a great chemistry together, and they always have good humor, differing viewpoints, and most of all, interesting topics. Go check out the QED podcast today!

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