Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 06 - Burn Notice

When you’re a website runner, the best thing to do is not go on monologues especially when talking about shows that they really love. That is usually the style of the openings to every Burn Notice episode, where former spy Michael Weston explains little pieces of how the art of espionage is done.  

Okay so the pilot of Burn Notice starts in Nigeria, with Michael Weston (Jeffery Donovan) standing on a street corner waiting, he gets picked up and is taken to meet a, “Wannabe Warlord”, to try and stop oilfields from being attacked. He is about to finish the deal, when he is told over the phone that there was a burn notice put out on him and he was blacklisted. He then must make it out of the building after the Warlord realizes that he’s not going to follow through. Weston then gets the crap beaten out of him and has to get to the airport and make it out of the country before the Warlord can catch him. After making it, he gets on a flight out of the country and passes out on the plane.

This is the premise of Burn Notice, which is a high speed show filled with humor, serious stories, and a huge, huge amount of suspense. It also stars Fionna Glen Ann (Gabrielle Anwar, John Doe) and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell, Spider-man). The show is currently on mid-season hiatus, in the middle of its 4th Season. Sitting on an incredible cliffhanger that rivals all the other cliffhangers on any currently running show.

You can find the creator of the show on Twitter at:

And Jeffery Donovan (Michael Weston) on Twitter at:

This is a show that is well worth watching, and you have a little over a month to get caught up for when Season 4 returns and concludes the back half of it’s season this November.

Our Rating: 4/5 Stars

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