Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 01 - Stargate Universe "Air"

Okay, here is the first review of this website. Now, I know that most Stargate fans will think I am beyond insane, but SGU is a really awesome show. It keeps you on the edge of you seat the entire time, and cliffhangers you at the end of every single episode. But, what TV show today doesn't?

If you were wondering what exactly SGU is about here is the official overview:

  • A group of soldiers, scientists and civilians fleeing an attack, is stranded billions of miles from Earth on an Ancient ship known as the Destiny. Locked on an unknown course, they must fight to survive and find a way home. The danger, adventure and hope they find on board the Destiny will reveal the heroes and villains among them.
  • Starring Robert Carlyle, Ming Na and Lou Diamond Phillips, as well as returning Stargate favorites.
So the pilot, "Air Parts 1&2", starts out with the opening theme, which is really good composing on Joel Goldsmith's part,

As a ship drops out of some kind of burst of light. As we get closer to it, the camera moves into the actual ship itself:

The camera moves in on the Stargate Itself, suddenly, the gate opens and a man gets shot out of it, and hits the floor. 

The suddenly, more and more people come flying out of it. The cinematography of this pilot was really good. 

It's a bit of a visceral sight, watching person after person comes flying into the pile. Then, after everyone comes through, the head of the group arrives in a more interesting way:

That's going to hurt. 
Okay, so that is the opening of the pilot, which is one of the best pilots to a stargate series. Like I said, it keeps you on the edge of you seat and then goes farther by making you fall off. The plot of the pilot is that the survivors are from a R&D base on another planet from Earth working to dial the 9th chevron of the Stargate. After three months, they are attacked and the planet is destroyed, forcing them to dial the 9th chevron anyway, opening a path right to the ship in the beginning. 

After exploring parts of the ship, they find that it is in fact, really old, and is for the most part, falling to pieces. 

Soon after, they discover that the ship's life support systems are shutting down since they have been running for the last several million years. It takes the death of a US Senator, who was stranded with them, to stop the air being sucked out from many hull breaches all over the ship. Only, the problem is still not fixed, because now that the air isn't leaving, the ship is being filled with C02 from their breathing. Doctor Rush finds that the C02 scrubbers have actually burned out, and they need to find a replacement material.

Suddenly, the ship drops out from Faster Than Light travel, and the gate begins to dial. 

Doctor Rush (Robert Carlyle) reveals that he searched their problem in the ships AI system and that the ship must have planned this. The gate opens, and they sent a camera through to find out what exactly is on the other side, a desert planet, with what they need to fix the C02 scrubbers. 

The survivors put a team together and decide that they have to head to the planet, or they will not survive the next 24 hours.

Rush and a team of soldiers head through the gate.

Then, in "Air Part 3", the team moves across the planet, until they find the C02 scrubber replacement. 

Until Lieutenant Scott, discovers an old lake bed, containing exactly what they need.

The team then must get back to the ship (Destiny) before the ship automatically jumps back into FTL. 

The team, reaches the ship and recovers as rest of the crew replaces the C02 scrubbers, for now, they are safe.

Okay, so that was the pilot of Stargate Universe, I wanted to do this three parter separate just because it's so darn long. In my opinion, this was one of the best TV pilots in a long time, apart from Flashforward, which is coming later. It had good characters, suspense, and of course, running and gunning, as well as really good music. This pilot receives a 4/5 Stars.

The rest of season 1 is coming soon.