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Stargate Universe–Episode 101 “Air (Part 1)”

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Air, Pt. 1 - Stargate Universe, Season 1
Episode Synopsis (From GateWorld):
When a research team is forced to evacuate their secret base, they find themselves on board a derelict Ancient vessel that is many galaxies away from Earth.

Episode Summary:
A single ship comes out of FTL, drifting in the vastness of space. The camera pans over it, giving us a view of a ship.
normal_sgu_101_0023It zooms into the corridors of the ships, where we see the lights coming on, and we get a view of the Stargate dialing. The signature kawoosh signals a successful connection, and someone flies out of the gate at high speed.
normal_sgu_101_0080He looks around for a second, trying to get his bearings, and suddenly a box and a woman come flying out of the event horizon. Within seconds, people are flying out of the gate, and Lt. Scott tries to get the to the side. He calls for them to slow down the evacuation, but gets no response.
Dr. Rush comes through the gate, and picks himself off the deck, slightly disoriented. He heads over to a console, looking it over for a second. normal_sgu_101_0170Eli Wallace hits the deck and picks himself up, shaken up by the trip. He turns around and gets hit by a box. normal_sgu_101_0176Meanwhile, Rush tries to activate the console but gets no response. Lt. Scott sees MSgt Greer come through and asks where Col. Young is. normal_sgu_101_0260Greer says Young was right behind him, just as Col. Young is launched from the event horizon.normal_sgu_101_0264
When the gate shuts down, the lights go out and the civilians panic. Using a flashlight, they find Col. Young. Right before he passes out, the tells Scott he’s in charge. normal_sgu_101_0301Scott calls for Lt. Tamara Johansen, the medic, when he realized how badly Young is hurt. Scott first questions Eli on their location, then heads to find Rush when he realizes Eli doesn’t know. normal_sgu_101_0335While they’re talking, a weird spectrum shift occurs and the engines power up.normal_sgu_101_0339
While they wonder what the shift was, Eli has a flashback to a few days before. He’s playing an online game, called Prometheus, trying to destroy an orbiting ship. normal_sgu_101_0367He enters the equation to channel the correct amount of power from the planet core into the weapon…and the game kicks him to the beginning of the level. Disheartened, he logs off for the night. normal_sgu_101_0404The next morning, there’s a knock at his door. He opens it to find General O’Neill standing in front of him. normal_sgu_101_0415Dr. Rush walks up and explains that he has solved a millennia old math problem in another language. They present him with a non-disclosure agreement and want him to come with them.normal_sgu_101_0469 Not wanting to sign the form, he “takes it under advisement”, and walks inside. As he goes up the stairs, there is a white flash, and then he’s standing in an observation lounge overlooking Earth. normal_sgu_101_0500normal_sgu_101_0502normal_sgu_101_0510Rush walks up behind and welcomes him aboard the Hammond. He’s told that he’s going to be going to another planet. As part of his agreement, his mother’s sickness will be taken care of. Eli agrees to sign, but in typical Eli fashion, makes a joke, asking for some pants as well.normal_sgu_101_0583 Later, after a lot of training videos, he heads to the mess to get some food. He sees a girl sitting alone, and decides to sit and talk to her. He finds out that her name is Chloe, and she is the aide to Senator Armstrong.normal_sgu_101_0678 But it seems that she knows a lot about him before he even says anything.
The flashback ends, and Scott and Eli find the Observation Deck, with Rush staring out into space. Rush comments on the fact that the ship is traveling faster-than-light (FTL), but not through hyperspace. normal_sgu_101_0742He also comments on the fact that the ship is definitely of Ancient design, most likely launched hundreds of thousands of years before. While they’re speaking, on the air-vents in the Gate Room shuts down. Rush realizes the life support is shutting down, commenting they might want to fix that.
They flashback to Icarus Base, where the Hammond has just come out of hyperspace. They beam down to the planet, where Eli is thoroughly stunned.normal_sgu_101_0913 The Senator introduces himself to Col. Young, and also introduced Chloe, who it turns out is his daughter.normal_sgu_101_1014 Inside the base, Eli looks at the Stargate with awe. normal_sgu_101_1046After a little talking, they do a test dial, wanting to make a connection and send a probe through. They lock the first 8 chevrons, but even with the power equation, they can’t lock the last chevron. normal_sgu_101_1151After almost overloading the system, they shut it down. A frustrated Rush leaves, saying that they need to run through Eli’s equations again. Eli is annoyed that Rush is passing the blame for the failure to him. Before Eli follow’s Rush, he turns to the group saying “Not my fault…”normal_sgu_101_1223
Back on the ship, the civilians are getting restless. Lt. Scott comes in and explains where they are. normal_sgu_101_1251Senator Armstrong demands that they us the gate and dial back to Earth right then. He seems to have trouble breathing, and Scott tells everyone that it might be because the life support system is having problems. normal_sgu_101_1269Finding Dr. Brody and Dr. Park, he takes them to help Dr. Rush with the life support.
On Icarus, Rush is trying to figure out why the address won’t connect. normal_sgu_101_1296Eli suggests that it might be the wrong address, which Rush rejects. Young comes and pulls Eli away for dinner, leaving Rush annoyed. normal_sgu_101_1328During dinner, the base gets attacked. The soldiers of the base move to defend it. The flashback ends, showing a group of soldiers running through the corridors, ending up in the control room.normal_sgu_101_1457
Rush is about to reset the life support system, but Eli says that it might overload the system, blowing up the ship. Greer raises his weapon, threatening to shoot him if he presses the button to reset it. normal_sgu_101_1492Another flashback starts, showing Greer being released from confinement on Icarus Base. It turns out that the Lucian Alliance that is attacking, and they’re going to overwhelm the base. On the ship, Rush says that he is going to press the button. Scott orders Greer to lower his weapon. After a moment, he complies, and Rush resets the system. Nothing happens.normal_sgu_101_1555
The base defense begins, but the Death Gliders are doing some serious damage to the base. The weapons fire is causing the core to start overloading. Rush wants to attempt one last dialing of the nine-chevron address. Eli convinces him that it can’t be the power, it has to be the gate address, like a code. normal_sgu_101_1657Cancelling the dialing to Earth, Rush begins dialing the nine-chevron address. This time the last chevron locks, establishing a wormhole. normal_sgu_101_1845Rush justifies it to Young, saying that any blast could translate through an open wormhole. On the ship, Rush is messing with the computer and pulls up a star map. They find out that the ship has been traveling for centuries, visiting dozens of galaxies. They’re millions of light years from home.normal_sgu_101_1929
Young orders Scott to lead the evacuation team. Once in the Gate Room, Scott tells them to follow him on a three-count, then heads through the gate. normal_sgu_101_1995Everyone beings evacuating behind him, not knowing the destination. Back in the hall, Young attempts to blow a hole through a collapsed hall, and succeeds. Pulling out Senator Armstrong, they head for the gate. Young orders Greer to take the Senator through, and starts looking through cases for something. normal_sgu_101_2124Finding it, the runs toward the gate as the room explodes around him. The explosion picks him up and hurls him through the gate, and the planet explodes as the core goes critical. normal_sgu_101_2136normal_sgu_101_2154
Back on Earth, Col. Carter calls to General O’Neill telling that they managed to get most of the people on the surface off before the planet blew. She asks how many people made it though the gate to Earth. When O’Neill says that no one came through to Earth, they both wonder where they all went.

Episode Review:
From the very beginning of the episode, it’s clear that Stargate Universe is not at all like SG-1 or Atlantis. Right from the start, it’s a lot more story-based than its predecessors. But even with its differences, it still has the Stargate feel. Overall, Air (Part 1) is a great episode. There’s pretty solid acting, an interesting story, and a nice hook that makes you want to keep watching. Best of all, it has a good hook for getting new watchers into the franchise, which is always a great thing. As long as the writers can keep up the story, SGU will turn out to be a great series.

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