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Stargate Universe - Episode 102 “Air (Part 2)”

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Air, Pt. 2 - Stargate Universe, Season 1
Episode Synopsis (From GateWorld):
Stranded on the Ancient vessel Destiny, the evacuees from Icarus Base discover that a worn-out life-support system and hull breaches will suffocate them in a matter of hours.
Episode Summary:
Scott enters the Gate Room and tells everyone they’re going to go and search the ship. normal_sgu_102_0027Scott takes Lt. James with him, trying to play off the fact that they were having a “relationship” on Icarus Base. Before they leave, Scott asks the Senator to stay back and try to keep everyone calm. The teams leave, and Rush leaves right after, grabbing a bag and taking it with him. T.J. watches him leave, suspicious. normal_sgu_102_0072normal_sgu_102_0074
Rush goes to a private room and closes the door behind him. He take out the device that Col. Young made sure to grab while leaving the base. He places a stone on the pad, and switches bodies with a person on duty back on Earth. normal_sgu_102_0116Back on the ship, the teams are looking around for any threats or anomalies. Scott’s team encounters a door that seems to be locked. When Eli opens it for them, the see a giant greenhouse-type dome with a hole in it. normal_sgu_102_0200The ship’s shield prevents explosive decompression, but the atmosphere begins to rush out. Eli closes the door quickly, and they decide not to try opening locked doors again. Dr. Rush walks into the control room suddenly and asks everyone to meet him in the Gate Room. He explains that the case he had taken contains Ancient communication stones, which will allow them to communicate with Earth. normal_sgu_102_0232He also says that General O’Neill has put him in command, which no one accepts. Rush tries to establish control, but when the civilians begin to rebel, Scott takes command, telling the military personnel that Col. Young put him in charge, and asks everyone to head to the quarters that had been found.normal_sgu_102_0338
A little while later, a group of civilian and military personnel are going through the supplies that were brought from Earth. Everyone is bantering back and forth, when Greer notices that the representative from the IOA is staring at him. normal_sgu_102_0392normal_sgu_102_0388When she mentions that he was locked up before they left Icarus, he goes off on her, and Riley has to restrain him. He gets called to check for any compartments open to space that need to be closed, and we see a Sergeant grab some protein bars and stuff them in his pocket.
Rush is directing Scott to an elevator. Scott steps inside, turns around, and sees something floating down the corridor. normal_sgu_102_0418Following, he runs into Eli, and finds out that the ball is actually a floating camera manufactured by the ship. Eli calls it a “Kino”. normal_sgu_102_0460normal_sgu_102_0474Meanwhile, Col. Young finally wakes up, but he’s not in the best condition. He can’t move his legs.  T.J. hopes it’s just temporary, but they have no way to know for sure without a little time.normal_sgu_102_0429
Young sends T.J. to get Rush. Back in the control room, Scott and Eli are explaining the Kinos that Eli has found to Rush. He tells them that things are worse than they thought. He sends Scott and Eli to the Gate Room to check on the CO2 Heading to the Gate Room, they open up the scrubber and see it’s full of black goop. normal_sgu_102_0596The scrubbers are shot, and CO2 is going to build up in the ship to lethal levels. They throw around some ideas on how to replace the scrubbing compound, but they don’t have anything to replace it.  normal_sgu_102_0692
Meanwhile, teams are still searching for breached sections that are not sealed. Greer’s team comes across a shuttle. The front windows are breached, and the outer airlock door mechanism is damaged, preventing it from closing. normal_sgu_102_0766Rush tries to close the inner shuttle door, but it must be closed from the inside, meaning whoever closes it will die. T.J. explains the situation to Young, at the same time that Chloe explains it to her dad. Unless they get the door closed, they have just over an hour till they run out of air. Rush finally states the obvious, someone will have to sacrifice themselves to shut the door. normal_sgu_102_0852Knowing that they probably won’t get any volunteers, Rush goes over the list of people on the ship. Scott and Chloe both say that you can’t ask someone to go and die, and Rush counters with the fact that unless someone does close the door, everyone is going to die.normal_sgu_102_0917
Everyone is throwing around options when Col. Young says that he will close the door. While they try to convince him not to, Chloe bursts in the room asking if anyone has seen her father. normal_sgu_102_0984It turns out Chloe told him what’s going on. Scott calls to Greer, warning him that the Senator may be on the way. He’s already there, and he has a gun. When Franklin can’t close the door from the outside, Senator Armstrong enters the shuttle and closes the door.normal_sgu_102_1034normal_sgu_102_1049
Chloe reaches the door just as it closes, and has to watch her father die. She runs back to the control room. Torn up about the death of her father, she attacks Rush, blaming him. normal_sgu_102_1111Rush is apologetic, saying that her father has given the rest of them the chance to survive.
Young asks the IOA representative, Camille, to inform the people that Senator Armstrong is dead, but gave them time to hopefully find a solution. At the same time, Scott talks to Chloe, comforting her about her father’s death. normal_sgu_102_1250Eli is also grieving, and Rush shares some information with him to help him. Rush has discovered that they name of the ship they are on is called Destiny.normal_sgu_102_1304 The Ancients has launched it thousands of years ago, planning to board it using the Stargate. However, they ascended before they did, leaving the ship to fly on unmanned.
A little while later, SSgt Riley finds an 8-symbol address in the dialing computer, along with a reference to Earth. Even though they don’t have a point of origin, he says that they only have 36 possible symbols to try and Young gives him the go-ahead to dial. normal_sgu_102_1357An alarm sounds, alerting Rush to the dialing. He hurries to stop them, telling them that the ship “simply doesn’t have the capability to dial Earth.” normal_sgu_102_1404In the middle of his explanation, Destiny drops out of FTL. Rush believes that he has managed to tell the ship their problem, and that the gate should begin dialing to a planet with the resources they need.
The gate does begin dialing and when the wormhole establishes, they send a Kino through to see what’s on the other side. normal_sgu_102_1488When they find out the planet is habitable, Young decides to send a team through to look for anything that can be used to scrub CO2. They also notice that there is a countdown running, with just over 12 hours till it runs out. Rush believes at that time, the ship will jump back into FTL, leaving whoever is on the planet behind. normal_sgu_102_1521Rush and Young choose Franklin, Palmer, a Marine escort, and Eli also volunteers to go. They all gear up, and head through the gate. Rush stops at the event horizon and looks back at Young one last time. normal_sgu_102_1632Young nods to him, and Rush steps through the gate.normal_sgu_102_1633normal_sgu_102_1635
Episode Review:
The second part of “Air” is where the character’s different idiosyncrasies really start to come out. For instance, we see that Rush is a naturally, controlling and manipulative person, and that Lt. Scott, while an officer, is still slightly new to being fully in command, and is just learning his command style. It’s abundantly clear that this iteration of Stargate is going to be more character-based than the previous two series were.

The acting is also starting to get better from the first episode, though, as in any new show, there are a few strangely delivered lines as actors find their character. For instance, when Lt. Scott is addressing a young Airman, the Airman says, “I work in the mess. Well, I did.” In my opinion, the line was well written, but he delivered the second part of it just a little to fast, so it didn’t quite sound right. But overall, the acting was great, and can only get better as the cast get to know each other better.

All in all, this was a great premiere episode for SGU. The right amount of action, character development and suspense to get you hooked and make you want to come back for more next week. The one stipulation is that you have to suspend your thoughts of what Stargate should be and just watch the show with a fresh mind. The fans that watched it expecting it to be exactly like SG-1 and Atlantis were disappointed because they were expecting the same standard fare. The writers mixed it up this time, and I think they did a great job. Kudos to the writers, and here’s to the start of a great series!

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