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Stargate SG-1 - Episode 101 "Children of The Gods (Part 1)"

Episode Synopsis:
When powerful aliens come through Earth's Stargate, Colonel Jack O'Neill returns to Abydos to retrieve Daniel Jackson, who has discovered that the alien transit system includes much more than two planets.

Episode Summary:
The episode starts off with a few Air Force enlisted folks playing poker in the lower levels of Cheyenne Mountain. normal_sg1_101_0007.JPGWhile they're sitting there, a tarp falls off the Stargate and someone starts dialing in. As the wormhole opens, they draw their weapons. One female Airman moves up close to the gate, curious. She's grabbed, and a firefight ensues. normal_sg1_101_0069.JPGThe Airmen take out a few of the assailants, but in the end are no match for them. One manages to sound the alarm and the base goes into lock down. By the time the strike team gets to the gate room, the gate's already been dialed and the remaining attackers leave, taking the female Airman with them.

The Air Force sends some men to retrieve Col. (ret) Jack O'Neill, telling him it has to do with the Stargate. Back at the base, General Hammond, the new general in charge of Cheyenne Mountain, talks to Jack, questioning him about the mission and asks him if he had indeed detonated the nuke on Abydos. When he answers that he did, Hammond reveals that they are going to send another nuke through. Jack is forced to admit that while his team did detonate the weapon, they detonated it aboard Ra's ship and they faked that gate on the other side had been buried.normal_sg1_101_0251.JPG
Hammond decides to send the bomb through anyway, and locks Jack in the brig. After sitting for a while, Hammond comes back and tells Jack he's considering any other options. Jack asks to take a team through the gate, which Hammond agrees to. He sends a message to Daniel and after he receives a reply, they put a team together. normal_sg1_101_0322.JPGIn addition to Kawalsky and Ferretti, Captain Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist, also joins the team. normal_sg1_101_0378.JPGWhen they leave, they're told that they have 24 hours to return or send a message.

When they arrive on Abydos, some kids pop up around them, ready for battle. But immediately Daniel Jackson calms them, telling them to lower their weapons. Everyone is reunited, and introductions are gotten out the way. When Daniel asks why they returned, Jack reveals the attack on Earth. Daniel tells Jack that they couldn't have come from Abydos, but they thinks he might have an idea where they may have come from. They have to wait for a sandstorm to pass.

While they wait, Daniel tells Jack that they attackers must have come through another gate. Jack and Sam are surprised. normal_sg1_101_0535.JPGThey had run hundreds of other addresses through the computers without finding another address. But according to Daniel, they didn't have a critical component. He takes them to a room with a ton of writing on the walls. It turns out that map of a huge Stargate network. normal_sg1_101_0573.JPGSam initially says that it couldn't be possible, until Daniel suggests that the gates could've drifted apart. She realized that would account for the addresses not working, and says that, using the map as a basis, she could set up an equation that could account for the shift. While staring around the room at the huge amount of addresses, she remarks "The aliens could've come from anywhere..."normal_sg1_101_0601.JPG
While they are off looking at the map, the gate activates, and the same attackers from before come though. normal_sg1_101_0618.JPGThey take Sha're and Skaara and leave just before Jack and the rest of the team show up. normal_sg1_101_0651.JPGnormal_sg1_101_0662.JPGWhen Jack and the team go back to Earth, they bring Daniel with him. Before he leaves, he tells Kasuf to bury the gate for 1 year after they leave. normal_sg1_101_0698.JPGIf, on that day, he didn't return an check in, they were to rebury the gate forever, cutting themselves off from the Stargate network. After the emotional good-bye, SG-1 steps through the gate. normal_sg1_101_0708.JPG

Episode Review:
All great shows have to start somewhere, and for Stargate SG-1, this episode was a great start. For those who has watched the movie Stargate, the change from Kurt Russell to Richard Dean Anderson and from James Spader to Michael Shanks might have thrown a few people off. Personally, I prefer Richard Dean Anderson's more sarcastic nature to Kurt Russell's very rough and tough persona. And Michael Shanks does an amazing job of giving off the vibe of Daniel Jackson. All in all, this was a good episode, and a great start for an amazing series.

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