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Stargate SG-1 - Episode 102 "Children of The Gods (Part 2)"

Episode Synopsis (From GateWorld):

When powerful aliens come through Earth's Stargate, Colonel Jack O'Neill returns to Abydos to retrieve Daniel Jackson, who has discovered that the alien transit system includes much more than the two planets.

Episode Summary:

As the episode starts, the Earth gate is dialing. The team comes out of the gate, and a metal barrier closes over the gate behind them. normal_sg1_101_0722While Ferretti, gets taken to the infirmary, Jack asks what it is. Hammond informs him it is an “iris”, made of pure titanium. Hammond wants to know what happened on the planet, and Jack tells him base camp was attacked while they were off looking around.normal_sg1_101_0736

On a random planet, we see a group of people locked up. The attackers that came through the Earth gate enter the room and take Sha're, leaving a frustrated Skaara behind them. normal_sg1_101_0743Back on Earth, Jack checks on Ferretti, then takes Daniel home. normal_sg1_101_0760They discuss Abydos, Sha’re and Jack’s son, who died right before the first movie. A little later, we see a group of women waiting, including the female Airman from the beginning of the episode. normal_sg1_101_0803She’s taken to see the Ra look-a- like, who says that she could be the vessel for his queen. But the “queen” rejects her, and she is unfortunately killed. normal_sg1_101_0842

Back on Earth, the President gives authorization to go form 9 teams whose sole mission will be to gather intel on threats to Earth. Jack is given command of the flagship team, SG-1, with Sam as his second-in-command and Daniel accompanying them. normal_sg1_101_0869A doctor comes in a informs them that Ferretti is awake. He manages to remember the symbols dialed by the aliens and types them on the computer. normal_sg1_101_0885

The teams gear up and get ready to move out. They have 24 hours to find what they are looking for and return, or their codes will be locked out and the iris will be permanently sealed. normal_sg1_101_0892They head through the gate, arriving at an unknown planet on the other side. They set up camp, making it a defensible position in case they are attacked. Back in the unknown complex, Sha’re is taken next. Like the Airman, she is taken to meet the “queen”. normal_sg1_101_0964But unlike last time, Sha’re is acceptable to her. The “queen” burrows into the back of Sha’re’s neck, taking her body as her own. normal_sg1_101_0992

SG-1 meets a group of the indigenous people. Jackson approaches them, telling them they had come through the Chapp’ai (Goa’uld for Stargate). normal_sg1_101_1019They take SG-1 to the town, called Chulak. normal_sg1_101_1041There, they are treated to a feast, which is interrupted when “Ra” and Sha’re, now possessed, enter the room. normal_sg1_101_1061Daniel jumps up and attempts to communicate with her, but is knocked back by “Ra”. Jack raises his weapon, but when Sha’re jumps in front of Apophis, he lowers it in surprise and is knocked unconscious. normal_sg1_101_1066

Daniel wakes up in the prison room, along with Carter and Jack. Jack says he hasn’t found a way out, and the gate is going to be sealed in just over 90 minutes. The leader of the soldiers, confronts Jack, asking him where he’s from. Daniel draws the symbol for Earth in the dirt. The leader scratches it out and walks away. normal_sg1_101_1098Daniel figures out that it isn’t Ra that they are fighting against, it’s Apophis, Ra’s rival. Right after he does this, the soldiers return and the “gods” enter, looking for who is going to be the “Children of the Gods”. Making their rounds, Daniel tries to sacrifice himself to be close to Sha’re in some form. normal_sg1_101_1174But instead, Skaara is chosen. As they leave, Apophis says “Kill the rest.”

Preparing to execute all the prisoners, Jack yells to the leader, “I can save these people. Help me?”normal_sg1_101_1211 The leader replies, “Many have said that…but you are the first I have believed can do it.” He turns and fires on his own men. Jack grabs a staff weapon and blows a hole in the wall. The prisoners escape out the hole, and Jack convinces the leader to come with him.normal_sg1_101_1248 Jack asks him his name, and he find out his name is Teal’c.

As they head to the gate, SG-1 find out about the Jaffa, the soldiers of the Gou’ald. They discover that all Jaffa carry an larval Goa’uld, in exchange for perfect health.normal_sg1_101_1286 They and the prisoners arrive at the gate at the same time as Apophis and the other Goa’uld. The ship drops them off, then proceeds to strafe the escaping prisoners.normal_sg1_101_1403 The situation is extremely dire, until SG-2 pops up with a rocket launcher and shoots it down.normal_sg1_101_1407

SG-1 make their way to the gate, and when Jack sees Skaara, he runs down the hill to meet him. When he calls Skaara’s name, he turns around and his eyes glow.normal_sg1_101_1451 He knocks Jack back with a Goa’uld hand device and then proceeds through the gate. normal_sg1_101_1453Jack is visibly crushed, but there is no time to be concerned about that. They are almost out of time. They are surrounded by Jaffa, who are closing fast.normal_sg1_101_1492 On Earth, General Hammond finally gives the order to seal the gate and lock out their transmitters. Back on Chulak, Daniel finally dials the gate.normal_sg1_101_1521 As soon as Hammond hears that, he retracts his last order. normal_sg1_101_1523

Carter sends her transmitter code and they begin sending people through the gate. Once everyone is through, the last SGC defenders make their way through the gate. One of SG-2’s members is grazed and Jack and Kawalsky have to pick him up.normal_sg1_101_1598 On the gate pedestal, they trip and in that moment, a larval Goa’uld burrows in the back of his neck. normal_sg1_101_1620He shakes it off, not quite realizing what happened. They jump through the gate and the gate is locked down behind them. Everyone is happy to be home and leaves the gate room after a minute or so. Kawalsky stays behind for a minute longer…and his eyes glow. normal_sg1_101_1686

Episode Review:

The second part of “Children of The Gods” is just as good as the first part. Michael Shanks gets to showcase his acting chops more in the second part, where he has a bigger role. This part also sets the stage well for the rest of the series. It gives a foreshadowing of the scope of the Goa’uld Empire, as well as a inkling of the quest to find both Sha’re and Skaara. But personally, the best part was watching the larval Goa’uld burrow in to Kawalsky. You know that it’s probably not going to end well later, and you want to jump up and scream at SG-1 to check him out, just to avoid the inevitable take-over. All in all, a great episode!

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