Monday, March 7, 2011

TV Return Week: What to See (Top 4)

NOTE: This is not in order of how good they are, they are all worth seeing.
  1. STARGATE UNIVERSE: Returns This Monday at 10/9 C on SyFy. This is the final ten episodes of the entire series unfortunately (Thank you SyFy for that lovely Spring gift...), and from some of the reviews that have already popped up online it will be an intense adrenaline ride with reveal after reveal, with an even more engaging story than the last season. And then.... when episode ten hits: A BIG GIANT CLIFF HANGER!
  2. FRINGE: This Friday 9/8 C on FOX. Fringe has been getting more and more intense and incredibly awesome, I was at Emerald City ComiCon and John Noble did mention that there is a showdown coming between the opposite universes, and it's VERY SOON. So watch Fringe to see how our world fares against itself.
  3. THE EVENT: This Monday on 8/7 C on NBC. You've been spending the past while wondering what exactly THE EVENT is, and now: IT'S HERE. As shown on a recently (And super creepy) promo for The Event, it Targeted 7 Billion people, and the plan has been put into motion.... Who Will Survive? Spoiler! Wash dies, what a second wrong show. Anyway, all of the cast is back to bring us the rest of this awesome show! Check it out to get a Season 2!
  4. KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: This Friday at 8/7 C on FOX. Yeah it's not sci fi, but hey Gordon Ramsay is an incredible chef, so check his series out! He goes around the country and attempts to fix hundreds of failing restaurants.

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