Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stargate Universe-Episode 219 “Blockade” (Quick Review)


In Blockade, the drones are continuing to present problems for the crew of Destiny, having discovered Destiny’s one huge weakness. This is another episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire time, especially once stuff starts getting majorly intense. There are a few characters you’ll be worrying about during the episode, which keeps it interesting.

This episode begins with Destiny performing an aero-braking maneuver around a gas giant to reach the sun, similar to the episode “Darkness” from Season 1. She comes around the planet, and the bridge crew immediately detects drones and a command ship between them and the star. Destiny manages to jump away before any major damage is inflicted. They come to find out the drones are predicting Destiny’s course, and they must quickly find a way to recharge, before the ship’s batteries run dry.

There were several really good character development points in this episode. Eli is finally coming into his role as “Math Boy” in this episode, and there is also some interesting development with Volker’s confidence as well. He could possibly be realizing his critical flaw, and might eventually begin to change it.

If you happened to miss “Blockade”, you can watch it on SyFyDaedalus’s YouTube Channel. It’s in three parts, but is great quality. If you want to wait for Hulu or SyFy Rewind, the episode won’t be available until 5/10.

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