Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stargate Universe-Episode 218 “Epilogue” (Quick Review)


"Epilogue" was the second half of the last episode, "Common Descent". It's not a fast-passed episode, but it is an emotionally draining one. From happy to sad, it covers all the emotions. I will say this, if you cry easily, be prepared to cry for this one, because there are a few major kickers that no one has seen coming at all.

The basic story of the episode starts after the team disembarks from the shuttle. They head down into a bunker that was built by the people of Novis. Inside, they find a massive archive containing the entire history of the planet from the time that the alternate crew of Destiny had come through the gate inside the star. Throughout the episode, they are racing to download the database before extreme seismic activity brings the entire place down around them.

There were a few really good performances in this episode. First, Volker is really coming into his own at this point. There's one scene in particular where he stands up to Rush, a huge step for him. Also, there's Eli, who is continuing to get more and more confident in himself. The information that they find in the database gives him a huge confidence boost, making me think that he will play an even bigger role in a lot of scientific problem-solving later. Last, but definitely not least were TJ and Young. It seems that they have a shot at working everything out after all.

If you haven't watched "Epilogue" yet, find it on Hulu or SyFy Rewind, or download it ASAP. It was a great episode and if you are a Stargate Universe fan, you should definitely watch it.

[NOTE] Look for the full review of this episode coming in the next week, after the UK has had a chance to see the episode. Don't want to right my summary review and spoil it for all those fans. Peace out!

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