Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 13 - We're Alive

I'm not much of a zombie fan myself, and in my mind for good reason, considering most of the zombie movies or comics that have been made don't have that great of a plot or characters. But I'm going to tell you readers about something a little bit different, it's the podcast audio drama / action series called WE'RE ALIVE. And it takes a bit of a new spin on the whole "Zombie - Verse" that in my opinion, makes it work way better than the other zombie stories out there. (And before you all start yelling at me for not mentioning THE WALKING DEAD, I'm doing a write up on that as soon as the DVD's come out.)

We're Alive follows a Sergeant Michael Cross who leads a band of survivors as they try to live in a post - apocalyptic world filled zombies. As they continue their journey and try to rebuild what has been lost, they slowly discover what happened to other bands of survivors, and that they are not alone.
Now I listen to this podcast series because it has a really engaging plot, and very good actors who bring their characters to life. 

The series is currently powering through it's second season, and the story just keeps getting better. 

You can find We're Alive on iTunes, but I think the best place to get updates and to find all of the ways to get the episodes at their website:

Give the first Chapter, (Each one is delivered in 3 parts), a listen and once your all the way through all three parts, you'll want to just keep playing the next one! 

Big shout out to Steve Riekeberg over at for the interview and recommendation of this series!

Check out their website and start downloading the series! 

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