Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily Reviews update! (SUPER AWESOME)

Thought I'd give a quick sneak peek as to what we'll be covering for the next few months. Hope you readers will leave some thoughts or opinions of your own!

  1. First off (Once I've finished it), I'll be covering CHUCK from NBC. It's a spy show that follows Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), who is thrown into the world of spies after an advanced computer program is accidentally downloaded into his brain. I'll most likely be reviewing it season by season. May contain spoilers!
  2. DEFYING GRAVITY... Never heard of it? We'll enlighten you! This is a great ABC series  (canceled aka FLASHFORWARD), that follows a group of astronauts as they head out to explore the solar system. But as they continue they discover that the government has another agenda for the mission.
  3. STAR TREK (The new movie will be included but at the end of it since it's the latest movie). I'll probably be doing the series in separate posts, because there are so MANY! And then the movies. Bear in mind it will all be in chronological order. ENTERPRISE is up first after DEFYING GRAVITY.
  4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST! STARGATE! And will be done in the same way as STAR TREK. I may cover Star Wars... or I may leave that to someone else if they'd like to submit a review. Leave a comment on that one.
That should cover it for the rest of Winter and Spring of 2011. I will try and keep the occasional thoughts on what's on TV now going, but that's a stretch since I'm way more tied up time wise this year.

Any ideas on a series you want to see reviewed? Leave a comment! Or if you want your own review put up on here, let me know! Head over to the contacts page and use the subject: BLOG REVIEW SUBMISSION.


  1. Leave a comment! You don't even need a google account!

  2. If you need any guest bloggers, I'd be happy to help you review Stargate! Just send me a message!