Sunday, November 21, 2010

Message to Stargate: Universe Fans & Haters

Okay so for the past one and a half years we've had this incredibly awesome show on the SyFy channel called, SGU, or for those who don't like acronyms Stargate Universe.

Okay so many people say "There are no like-able characters on this show" or "They're all just flawed people!" Because when you look at SG-1 and Atlantis there really were only 3 flawed characters:

Colonel O'Neill - Flawed because of the death of his son, and how he was going to commit suicide in the original movie.

Teal'C - Flawed because he participated in the genocides the enemies in SG-1 started.

Major Sheppard - Well, the only thing flawed about him was that he would do what ever he felt was right, even it went against orders.

So back to SGU, you guys think the are all flawed and bad people right? And you want all your perfect favorite characters back? Unfortunately that's not really how people tick, despite what we think, we're all I guess "flawed" in some way. We've all made mistakes and decisions we regret. On SGU, the characters are a great portrayal of how humanity really is, we make bit decisions in our lives that make a huge impact on our future.

Now that I'm done with the big thoughts, here what you should take away with from reading this, SGU portrays REAL people, with REAL flaws, and REAL problems. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, but the choice is up to us weather we will learn from our mistakes and become better because of that. This is what they are doing on SGU right NOW in the second season, I'm not going to spoil because you've got to go out there and watch it yourself.

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