Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Season Post 02 - Fringe, SGU and Castle

FRINGE - Season 3 "Olivia" Review: 3/5 Stars.

Fringe is becoming one of the most amazing shows on tv right now, imagine being stuck in a completely differently reality and your opposite's memories were taking over your conciousness... a little extreme right? Hey it works amazingly, FBI agent Olivia Dunham is now Jane Bourne! However, Olivia's alternate from the other universe is on our side, and she has a plan...

STARGATE UNIVERSE - Season 2 "Intervention & Aftermath" Review: 4/5 Stars.

(No he is not laughing here, the image is just slightly blurry.)

Everyone lives! Until the second episode that is, that's when the start dropping, after the cliffhanger from Season 1 plays out. Personally I think Colonel Young should have not made it, especially what they're doing with his character in the second episode. However, the rest of the story is incredible, and at the end of the second episode with the ship dropping out of FTL and another unidentifiable object off in the distance, the only question is, what is it? Because we don't know yet, and we're about to find out...

CASTLE - Season 3 "A Deadly Affair" Review: 4/5

Okay so the episode opens with Nathan Fillion back in the game with a gun, running through an exploding storage room, bursting out through a fire escape, coming face to face with Detective Beckett, where they both raise their guns and fire. Are you lost yet? Turns out, the two "Bad Guys" we're following each of them from behind. In the end, Castle is back at the precinct, partnered with Det. Beckett and the show is on the road!!!!

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